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Vicki, Vacationing in Prince Edward Island, CANADA Northern Head ~ Loma MacPhee Cabins. Peace, Serenity, Seclusion, Stones washed and ground by the sea alone. Many colours of great beauty ! Sea Glass! Long walks in fields; close to the whisper of the ocean. Walking on sandstone creations; checking out the BLUE crabs. Shells, as they cling to rocks. Quietness......just plain F U N !!! Treasures given up by the Sea ! Fields of Potatoes; Grains; as they waive in the breeze. Home Cooking of Ladies near by :) Fresh breads and pies .... mmmmmmmm :) THE BEST SEAFOOD ON EARTH ! Chowders ! Museums and history. A tiny town called Victoria (no less), a pleasant walk to the "barn of many books". Mrs Profits Tea House and Home made Chocolates. A unique town and friendly people.


Taking A Walk By The Sea: The Red Sandstone of Prince Edward Island ~ The White Sandy Beach (Makes a Squeeking Sound Under My Feet)
Victoria~"By The Sea" ~~I Love The Sea :) : I Could Stay Here Forever !
Victoria By The Sea:
Cabins We Stayed At: "The Ocean's Whisper"
Island Vacation: In A Younger Day!

You    Were    Here    Too    ~One    Day    I    Would    Find    You~My    Best    Friend~    In    God's    Timing!