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Memories    of    My    Garden    ~    September    1st,    1995

Vicki Grade 11, Andrew Grade 8, Angie "Enchanted Woods", Crystal-Larissa 5 3/4 yrs. Grade 2, and Haley Robin 1 year old.

September 1st, 1995 ~ Poetry.

They Gave Life To My Garden!

The Blue Jay, with his grey-blue feathers. Trimmed in bright splashes of deep-deep blue. Splashes of robin egg blue and white - white.

Grey squirrel, with his bushy grey tail.

Thistle Bird - So yellow and black.

Chickadees, by the score.

Doves, with their brown and speckles. Kind soft eyes.

Red squirrel , his friendly ways. Beedy large trysting eyes. Busy! Busy! Not too fond of sharing!

Cricket, with his soft low voice of fall; as though he knows that winter is near.

Sunflowers with stately heads.

Wildflowers, magnificent and numerous. Beyond Description!

Soft rain with a soothing sound.

Blue morning Glories gracefully arching the trellis.

Composed by: Donna Marie Noble (nee Marney)