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Fred L. Mooers son of Levi & Henrietta Mooers(nee Thornton) holding his first child Lee Mooers, Temperance Vale, New Brunswick, Canada.
Ada Blanch Mooers (nee MacFarlane daughter of Sophia & Thomas MacFarlane) Scottish Descent

my Grandparents on my mother's (Evelyn Katheline Marney nee Mooers) side: Fred L. Mooers (1879-1947) married Ada b. MacFarlane (1889-1976) Scottish Descent

Mother's Family ~ Evelyn Katheline Marney (nee Mooers)

Scottish Descent from the MacFarlane Clan: Ada Blanch Mooers (nee MacFarlane)
Gram's Family~Ada Blanch Mooers: Brother's & Sisters
And Yet I Can Hear the family singing...: All in Unison.."Pass Me Not, O Gentle Saviour"


Fred L. Mooers 
Born :    August 25th, 1879 
Deceased: January 13, 1947 
Resting Place:  temperance vale United Baptish Church, temperance Vale, New Brunswick, CANADA

  Son of Levi and Henrietta Mooers (nee Thornton (1849-1891), married Nov. 3, 1909, by Reverend Rutledge to 
Ada B. MacFarlane Born February 3rd, 1889
Deceased:  Mother's Day May 9th, 1976.
(1889-1976) of East Waterville, N.B.

   Fred L. Mooers,  worked in the woods and at the sawmill for the Pinder Co., and Corey's.  He was constable at the poles during elections.   Fred and Ada Mooers had seven children:

1.Lee H. (1913-1978) , bachelor, worked in the woods and at the sawmill hauling sawdust from the mill.   When the St. John River was raised, he worked at moving graves.   After his father died, he also served as constable at election time.

2. Hilda B. (1920-1974 m. Robert (Buster) Monteith

3. Evelyn Katheline Mooers (1923-1972)
   Born October 20th, 1923
   Deceased:January 15th, 1972~(Interment, of Evelyn Katheline    Marney (nee Mooers) is in the  Temperance Vale United Baptist Cemetery).

 Married Glenn Royce Marney at Woodstock, carleton county, New Brunswick on the 2nd day of September 1942 , Rev. F.A. Anderson, Woodstock, N.B. Officiating.  Witnesses: were Lee H. Mooers, Temperance Vale & Norman MacFarlane, Temperance Vale.

Children of Evelyn Katheline Marney (nee Mooers) and Glenn Royce

Miscarriage..( 5 mos)...burried on old homestead.

a.  Roy Carl Marney born Feb 24th, 1945 at 1:45 (in morning)
Gone Home:  September 2nd, 2002 at St. John Regional Hospital, St. John, N.B. Age 57, Interment:  Temperance Vale United Baptist Cemetery, Temperance Vale, New Brunswick, Canada.  Roy married donna Fox. Roy had 2 children:  Tammy Marney and Trevor Marney.

b.  Joan Marie Marney died Feb. 21st, 1946 (born Feb. 19th, 1946)
resting place, Temperance Vale, N.B. at the feet of the grave of Fred & Ada Mooers .

c. Donna Marie Marney born January 4th, 1948 5 minutes to 12 NOON.
   I have 4 children:  CRYSTAL LYNN NOBLE (her children Larissa,   Haley Sophia).  ANGELA EVELYN NOBLE (her children Isabella Faith Saunders, and current twin girls to be born in August 2008.
VICTORIA "Vicki" Noble married Graeme Sweet, P.E.I.
ANDREW DAVID NOBLE , graduate of Commercial airlines 2008.

d. Wanda Leigh Marney Born November 27th, 1957.Wanda Leigh Pedersen(Marney) Married Dad (David Russell Pedersen) On June 10th
In the Yard of Glenn Royce Marney. 
David Russel Pedersen is from Green Hill, NS Pictou County. 
   Wanda & David's  children:

   Cy Reginald Pedersen was born October 17th 1980 at the Doctor    Everett Chalmers Hospital
6lbs 9 oz 23 inches long  married Cy married Melinda Gee, now Pedersen on October 6th 2007
    & Evelyn Katheline Pedersen was born July 20th 1984 5 lbs 15oz,17 inches long 

e.  Heather Dawn Marney born March 29th, 1960. no children.

Evelyn & Glenn Marney lived for a time in the Vale, then moved to
lived in Waasis, N.B.  

4.  Isabel G.  Mooers (b. 1926 - alive May 17th, 2006 ) married S. Allen Grant,
5.  Edison L. (b. 1928) married Ferne Jewett(b.1932)
      one child Freddie Mooers.

6.  Lulella M. (b. 1930 marred Jame Moorcroft, Temperance Vale,N.B. their children, Dianne, Brenda, Kenny

7.  Hazen L. (b. 1932) married Rita winters from Nova Scotia, who had two children, Margie and Garnet Winters, from a previous marriage.   Hazen and Rita lived in Ontario for a number of years, moving to Nova Scotia in the 70's where they owned and operated a restaurant in Hantsport, N.S.   Hazen now works fro a paper mill.

Fred's Father:

Levi Mooers(1851-1912) 
Was born in Queensbury. His forefathers can be traced back to the United Empire Loyalists. In 1884 or 1885, hebought from J. Rogers part of land originally granted to Gimarin Chapman on the northeast side of The Vale on the Vale Road about 12.5 miles from the Nackawic bridge. Rogers had bought the land about 1876 and built the house and barns, and J.K. Pinder, who was the justice of the peace, magistrate, and Labor Act commissioner at the time, prepared Levi's papers. Later A. Kearney bought the land, and now Marloe Fox ownes it. 

Levis married Henrietta Thornton (1849-1991), THE WIDOW OF rUBIN STAIRS. HENRIETTA HAD ONE SON BY RUBIN: WINT. WINT MARRIED MAYVILLE RAE OF DUMFRIES, New Brunswick, Canada. THEY HAD NO CHILDREN AND LIVED IN OLDTOWN, MAINE, ALL THEIR MARRIED LIFE. AFTER WINT DIED IN THE EARLY 60'S Mayville came back to Dumfries and lived with her brother, Allen Rae. 

Levi and Henrietta had five children:

 Oscar (1876 - 1931), never married.

 Mary married Benjamin Stairs. they had three children:
                               Temple Celia Albert B 

*FRED L. MOOERS (1879-1931) married Ada B. MacFarlane (1889-1976)

 Celia married Berlin (called Berley by friends) MacDonald. They operated a general store at Otis for many years. They had two children: 
Evelyn married Clifford Corey 
Marion (b.1923) who died in infancy 
Maud (1884-1952) married Nathan Feero (1870-1958) 

* My Grandfather Frederick Lee Mooers Brothers and Sisters.