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United Empire Loyalist Descent~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A HISTORY NOTE TO A GRANDCHILD Sir: Because of the seeming ignorance of our young people regarding their history and their roots, I was recently inspired to write the following letter to my granddaughter, at the same time presenting her with a book on the Royal Family. "Lucille" Fredericton (name withheld by request) The enclosure: "To ......... , on the occasion of your graduation from the University of New Brunswick May 23, 1991, Anno Domini, descendant of United Empire Loyalist Sergeant...., of the Queen's Rangers, who emigrated from New England arriving in the St. John River area in 1783. Your ancestor and the Rangers accompanied those Loyalists, for their protection, who were fleeing from the terrorists, their own kith and kin, who had been motivated by dissidents to rebel against taxes being sent to the mother country, Britain. "The loyal nature of these people who numbered approximately 80,000, about one-third of the population of New England, is thus demonstrated by this mass exodus. These were a people willing to leave their established lives and homes, a people whose ancestors had made the first permanent settlement in the New England area of the New World in the early 17th, Century, at Jamestown, Virginia (1607) and at Plymouth (1620) , a people who had ever seen the mother country; yet were willing to begin life anew in a virtual wilderness so as to retain ancient ties to the homeland. "These are the people, your ancestors, unique, loyal, who laid the foundations of a unique country, your country, Canada. "This is your histroy, your heritage, be proud of it, cheris it, clltivate it. Take pride in the fact that our beloved country is a member of the British Commonwealth, which extends around the globe, headed by our Queen, a distinction only members of this family can claim. "With love, Gram"
October 11th, 2002 @ 2:45 pm

Today I Got to See the Queen Elizabeth, and Prince Phillip, on their way to the Old Government House. Vicki and I got to see the Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip as their motorcade drove by in the outskirts of Fredericton,just above the Experimental Farm, along the Saint John River. Vicki and I were seperate from a lot of the others (we had our own space). As her white lemo approached, the excitement ran through my veins of my British Heritage, as a 3rd Generation United Empire Loyalist. The windows of the lemo were closed and too dark to see into. The Queen must have seen the disappointment on our faces! Suddenly, the Queen's lemo slowed, the Queen rolled down her window, made eye contact, smiled and waived to us!!!!!! :) :) :) I wondered as she stopped in front of us, could she tell we were of British Descent? Why had she chosen us? It was so awesome!!! :) To be so Honoured. The Queen was all dressed in read, with a hat on. Most beautiful and graceful of all ladies. Far more beautiful in person, than in her pictures! :) Royal Beauty! Her complexion so fair! For A moment in time, my thought raced back, "she looked so much like her mother, the Queen Mother, now in a better land! To you my Lady! Many times I have thought, our people should have returned Home. You see our smiles, but in New Brunswick, we are fast becoming a second class, in our own homeland. Our children 55,000,00 of them , educated UNB students, must leave home to get a job....our hospital's are in shambles. Doctor's few. left the sheradon The Queen left the Sheradon, October 12th, 2002 at 10:15am, all dressed in light purple. mom

Queen Elizabeth 2002

The Queen: To You, Our Queen!
Queen Mother: Grandma, Ada B. Mooers, once gave me your Blue Book

The Heartbeat of the Province of New Brunswick

our children are leaving ~nothing is stopping the flow: West/South
Bilinguilism Has Killed Our Province !:
A House Divided Against Itself Falls: "The Holy Bible"