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Donna Marie Marney ~ Age 5 ~ The Year We moved from Temperance Vale to Waasis, N. B. CANADA
I    Remember    That    Day    ~    As    Though    It    Was    Yesterday       !

The day we came to Waasis still stands clear in my mind.   My Dad
(Glen Royce Marney) had gone on ahead.  Mother, Roy (my brother) and
I came down in the car with mother.  It was the last week of August
and we had to get settled into our new home and pending school year.

We had to leave our Grandma (Ada Blanche Mooers) behind.  As we
said our goodbye's.  We somehow had gotten into the car !   With the
promise to return to see grandma OFTEN.  As time would have it we 
often did.   

On the way down....I remember turning to my brother.   Looking at each
other and starting to cry.   When my Mom asked "why were we crying",
I can still distantly remember my words.   "I don't know why he is
crying.......but I am leaving my grandmother :(   At five it is sometimes hard to judge that long week or two before we could return.

I can remember getting out of the was as though we had driven off the face of the earth, practically.   But, there in the
house next to ours was the Anderson Family, who too rented from the Wade family (our home now). 

I think it was perhaps the children (many of them) looking out of
the window with their blonde hair shining in the sunlight.  That made me think.....just maybe I could find a friend.   I did !   It was
Marjorie and Christina/Donald and Roy Anderson !   And, so, these
were to be my new friends to walk to school with over one mile away
every day.

A two room schoolhouse.   Waasis Schoolhouse.

Life began again anew !   Ever going back to my Grandmothers home
on the Weekends and CHRISTMAS...with thousands of memories of Grandma's house at Christmas.   Even my Aunt Isabelle and Uncle Allan Grant would be home from the States.   I would get to see my many
cousins.  And to spend two weeks of the summer with my BEST FRIEND
and cousin Barb Marney :)   The long lazy days of summer in the Country at her home always held adventure !  The long walks in the long....long fields.  The "Green Apples" we ate with salt and vinegar ~ The mudcakes trimmed with wildflowers !   Our dolls as they we would put them in the apple trees to hang out!   The cherry tree.....
real red cherries !   The baby fawn we fed with a bottle and nipple.
How the fawn would follow us.   The frogs we found in the brook "a deep, deep blue one believes this to this date.  But it was
a deep teal, shiny blue.   We even caught it for a moment or two.

Donna Marie Marney ~ Santa ~ First Christmas in Waasis Mother (Evelyn Kathleen Marney) assured me Santa was here too !