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Regiment No. 444124 - 14 Batt.RMR~William Charles Marney (6 in from Right)

Picture taken at Woodstock, New Brunswick. Just Prior to Leaving.

My Grandpy had his best Friend Arthur Barrett, who fought beside him in the War, and came home with him. Living Testimony of a true friendship, side by side. ~~~~~~~~~~~ MY family here. Next to him on the right of the screen is Arthur Barrett.

Grandpa's Home In Temperance Vale, New Brunswick, Canada

William Charles Marney's Boyhood Home: Glen Royce Marney's Boyhood Home
William Charles Marney: married Ethel Violet Mitchell, England

Written    by    Glenn    Royce    Marney    October    20th,    2006

October 20th, 2006

Written by Glenn Royce Marney

to be 85 February 18th, 2007

I was born in a place called Otis, just atop the old bridge hill.

But I was conceived in a place called Pinder, 1/4 mile from the Old Pinder Mill.

Many times I go back there and gaze up the Old Mill Pond. See the Nackawic come flowing in there, and pretend that I am home.

Many Years I have wondered, because I love to roam; but I never forget the place called Pinder, because Old Pinder is my home.

I went to England in the twenties came back in 31 and the first place I went to was Old Pinder and gazed upon the Old Mill pond.

I saw the Nackawic come flowing in there, then I knew I was home.

Glenn Marney