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Grandfather's    Brother    "    Fraser       A.    MARNEY",    Cape    Cod,U.S.A.    and    William    "Willie"    Charles    Marney,    Temperance    Vale,    N.B.    Canada

(Brothers)Fraser A. Marney was in Regiment #742408 during the Great War~ and ~William Charles Marney ~Regiment No. 444124 - 14 Batt.RMR~William Charles Marney

My Snazzy List of Links

Temperance Vale, New Brunswick, Canada: Partial Cemetery Listing~Resting Place of William Henry Marney/William C. Marney and Others
Pictures of Temperance Vale United Baptist Church: and Graveyard~coming soon.
Homestead of William Henry Marney and Henrietta Marney (nee FEERO): William Charles Marney (their son's Homestead too)
William Charles Marney: War Medals

Fraser A. Marney
our cape cod extended family

grandfathers brother, Fraser Marney.