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Temperance Vale United Baptist Church, Temperance Vale, New Brunswick, CANADA

This settlement had a very special place in the making of New Brunswick. The people of settlements became pioneers in the true sense of the word. The gravesite is nestled in the valley, amid tall distant hills. Pointing toward the East awaiting resurection day. Names collected from Toombstones at the Temperance Vale Cemetery CLARK, Thomas Died: Apr 2, 1894 Age 30 yrs and 3 mos. B. 1864 "Call not back the departed storms are o're. In the yonder land we left him. Soon to meet and part no more" BAKER, Jessi 1829 (or 79?) 56 yrs and 10 mos B.1773 ? CHASE, Asa D. Born (1832) Died 1909 CHASE, Louisa wife of Joseph Cole Died Sept. 19, 1910 AE 72 yrs. B.1838. "Asleep in Jesus" COLE, Joseph S. Died July 11, 1909 AE 77 yrs Born 1832 "Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord" COLE, Herman Died Apr 21, 1909 AE 3 yrs and 22 days Born 1906. COREY, Freda & Sherman COREY, Gardiner May 25, 1961 COREY, Mina Mae DOVE, James Private* 58 Battn.C.E.F. June161958 AE78 1880-1958 m.Elizabeth Dove 1961 FEERO, Nathan 1870-1958 AE 88 yrs MOOERS, Maude 1884-1952) (daughter of Levi & Henrietta) FEERO, Oren P. 1838-1914. married Patience MacFarlane 1842-1913. (mother Henrietta 1866-1947) (parents were Wm. MacFarlane and Elizabeth Thornton)???? Peter & Sarah (Ketch) Feero????? Loyslist Descent GANONG, William T who died Dec. 20,? 1873 AE 47 yrs Born 1826 vese....the Lord GRANT, Scovil Allen Grant 1922-2000 AE 78 yrs. m. Isabelle G. Grant (nee Mooers) daughter of Frederick and Ada Mooers. 1926-___________. HALL, Herbert Feb. 16.1818 AE20 yrs 5 mos. JONES, Marie A. daughter of Hilda B. Monteith (nee Mooers) and Rbt. Monteith "Buster" 1940-1987 AE47 yrs m. Feb. 1, 1958 David G. Jones 1937 ____________ McELWAIN, David 1831-1882 AE 51 yrs m. Emily C?G? 1847 - 1923 AE 76 yrs McELWAIN, Lizetta Died April 26, 1890 AE 18 yrs Born 1872 McElwain, Matilda Dies april 24, 1892 AE 16 yrs Born 1876 "Dearest loved ones we have laid thre in the peaceful graves embrace. But thy memory will be cherised, Till we see thy heavenly face" Stone: J. Gallagher & Son MacFARLANE, Ange (Angela) OTIS CEMETERY East Waterville - died-burried in her wedding dress, it is grandmother's (Ada B. Mooers) sister who was supposed to Mary Frederick Mooers), but died. Then Grandmother married him. MacFARLANE, Angus gus "Ank" grandmother's brother MacFARLANE, David grandmother's brother MacFARLANE, George.......Woodstock grandmother's brother McFARLANE, James Died June 8, 1890 AE 79 years "FAREWELL" (would have been born 1811)? "He that does the will of God abidath forever" MacDONALD, Dean C. June 19,1913-June5, 1975 AE 62 yrs. m. Iris Erma Briggs Dec. 11, 1916 -__________. MacFARLANE, Clarence grandmother's brother ~ approx. 11-12 kids. MacFARLANE, Isaac Born March 12, 1858 - Jan.15, 1916 m. Amelia M. Stairs Nov.19,1862 - Sept. 16, 1932 AE 70 yrs "At Rest" MacFarlane, Thomas H. (1844-1919) ae 75~~~~~~~~~~~~~BURRIED AT OTIS CEMETERY m. Sophie MacFarlane (Nee Briggs) (1851-1932 ??? 1942????) AE 81 Sophie's father was James Briggs (1821-1887) from Wickam, N.B. >>>>>>>>>>>>M. Ann Ackerley & Susan A. Saint John (Mott)?????? (grandmother's , Ada B. Mooers, mother and father) .......................c......Ada B. Mooers,Angela,David,George. MARNEY, Evelyn Kathleen (nee Mooers) 1923-1972 (daughter of Fredrick and Ada Mooers) AE 49 wife of 1922 Glenn R. Marney_____________ MOTHER AND FATHER. MARNEY, Joan Marie My Baby Sister Feb. 19 - Feb.21,1946 d/o Evelyn K. Marney(nee Ada & Frederick Mooers) and Glenn Royce Marney. Located at the foot of Oscar Mooers-Ada B. Mooers+Frederick Mooers. Stone colour charcol+grey with a baby picking flowers. MARNEY, William Henry (Sr) 1863-1916 AE 53 married Henrietta 1866 1947, AE81 Toombstone Note : At Rest MARNEY, William Charles Marney Two sisters: Laura Graham and Ida Parker. nickname "Willie", MY GRANDFATHER. 1887-1968, AE 81 yrs. Reg.N.444124, 14 Batt Royal Montreal Regiment. Private William C. Marney of 55 Battn. C.E.F. Aug.29, 1968 AE 82?, placed by Royal Canadian Legion. m. Ethel Violet Marney ( Mitchell) warbride from Hastings, ENGLAND. 1893 - 1962 ~ AE 69 years MILLER,___________ MOOERS, Levi ~United Empire Loyalist born in Queensbury. ~sons Oscar/mary/fred/maude 1851-1912 m. Henrietta Thornton (widow of Rubin Stairs............1/2 bro Wint m. Mayville Rae?) 1849-1891. MOOERS, Oscar L. Mooers ~(son of Levi & Henrietta) NEVER MARRIED Ae 55 yrs 1876-1931 (grandma's, Ada B. Mooers, Uncle Oscar) MOOERS, Mary (daughter of Levi & Henrietta) m Benjamin Stairs......c.Temple....Celia.....Albert B. MOOERS, Frederick L. (son of Levi & Henrietta) MY GRANDFATHER.* 1879-1947 AE 68 yrs m: MOOERS, Ada Blanch parents: Thomas Henry MacFarlane AE75 1844-1919 My Grandmother* (nee MacFarlane) and Sophie (nee Briggs) 1851-1932 . MY GRANDMOTHER 1889-1976 AE 87 yrs.....c.....Lee,Hilda,Evelyn(Mother), Isabelle,Edison 1928-1988),Lululla,Hazen. MONTEITH, Hilda B (nee Mooers) daughter of Frederick and Ada B. Mooers 1920-1974 AE54 yrs. "In Loving Memory of Mom" MOOERS, Maude 1884-1952) (daughter of Levi & Henrietta)? AE68 yrs daughter of Luella M 1980-1928 AE 20 yrs. m. Nathan Feero (1870-1958) MOOERS, Lee H 1913-1978 AE65 yrs. “Beloved Brother” MOOERS, Edison L. 1928-1988 60 yrs. MOOERS, Frederick (Freddie) son of Edison & Ferne. Born May 21, 1951 _______________________ MOOERS, Ferne D. 1932- PARENT, Child of Oren P. Died Dec.27, 1885 AE 10 "verse" PARENT, James "very old stone" PIKE, Israel SCOTT, William died Mar 4, 1921 his wife Susan died May 7, 1911 AE 42 yrs. STAIRS, Abjah STAIRS, Charles G. STAIRS, Edward A. 1909-1997 Carl E. York Regt., C.A. "Lest We Forget" TAPLEY, Alex L. Died Apr 15, 1908 AE 42 yrs. Born 1866 m. TAPLEY, Georgia Died Nov. 18,1905 Ae 32 yrs B. 1873

Called Home (Leukemia)September 2nd,2002 Age 57. Say Hi to Mom and family, safely called home. Your sister in life, and death. Donna
"Just Beyond The Vail" ~ IN GOD'S HANDS
Roy Carl Marney holding Baby Tammy Marney; Mom Evelyn Katheline Marney (nee Mooers) and her mother Ada Blanch Mooers (nee MacFarlane, daughter of Thomas & Sophia MacFarlane).
Back Row: Roy Carl Marney & Donna Marie Marney Front Row: Baby~ Wanda Leigh Marney ~ Christmas at Home In Waasis. In Memory Forever!
To You My Brother: