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Medals    of    William    Charles    Marney

Lest We Forget The Price Paid For Our Freedom~The Match Container Grandpa Carried with him Throughout the War. The Buttons from his Coat.

Each Time I hear "The Last Post", it echoes across the ages, as I stood by your graveside. Memories pressed between the pages of time. Thank you for the years you were my grandfather. Thanks for the years you shared with my first child, Crystal. I see a picture in my mind, as you gently took her for a ride in your wheelchair. The gentle screams of a laughing little girl. Thanks for the times when we visited you up over the store, where you once lived in your later years. There was always a smile and a meal. And that day in Saint John, when you bought the really big watermellon. It was cool and great! :) Donna Marie Noble (nee Marney).

The    Door    to    Grandpa's    Was    Always    Open

Ethel Violet Mitchell married William Charles Marney

Ethel Violet Mitchell: "Queenie" England