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Bible of Evelyn Katheline Marney (nee Mooers) My Mother
Marriage Certificate
Children of Glenn Royce Marney/Evelyn Katheline Marney (nee Mooers)

Children of Glenn Royce Marney & Evelyn Katheline Marney (nee Mooers) daughter of Fred Mooers & Ada

Roy Carl Marney: married Donna Fox: Children Tammy & Trevor
Joan Marie Marney: Infant, only Lived 3 days.
Wanda Leigh Marney: married David Pedersen: Children Cy & Eve
Heather Dawn Marney: married Charles Kennedy (no children)
Grandmother on Mother's Side, Ada B. Mooers: MacFarlane Descent SCOTTISH
Grandmother of Father's side, Ethel Violet Marney: nee Mitchell- BORN ENGLAND
Baby Pics of Donna Marie Marney: Born on the old homestead near Ada B. Mooers (Grandma)
Wedding of Donna Marie Marney married David Stanley Noble: Married at Rusagonis United Baptist Church, Rusagonis, N. B. Canada

My OLDER Infant Sister Born With Spinabifita, only lived a few days. Safe In The Arms of Jesus!