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William Charles Marney, Son of William H. Marney

William Henry Marney 1863 - 1916 married Henrietta Marney(nee Feero) (1855-1947) daughter of Oren P. Feero and Patience (MacFarlane)Feero. Daughter of William MacFarlane and Elizabeth Thornton. ORON FEERO-PETER FEERO-CHRISTIAN FEERO. Book called Christian Feero of New Brunswick. Their Children : William Charles Marney. B.1887 Dec. Aug. 29th, 1968 AE. 82 Married: Ethel Violet Mitchell Born 1894, Deceased June 18th, 1962. Children of William Charles Marney & Ethel Violet Mitchell: Glenn Royce Marney B. Feb. 18, 1922-Married Evelyn Katheline Marney (nee Mooers). Oct. 20, 1923 Dec. Jan. 15, 1972. Children of Glen Royce Marney & Evelyn Katheline Marney (nee Mooers) Roy Carl Marney Born Feb. 24th, 1945 Joan Marie Born Feb.19-21, 1946. Donna Marie Marney Born Jan. 4th, 1948 m. David Stanley Noble April 2nd, 1947. c. Crystal Lynn Noble April 6th, 1967 m. Stephen Landry c. Larissa Gwyn Landry , Dec. 21st, 1988. c. Haley Robin Landry April 28th, 1994. c. Sophia Violet Landry , B. Nov. 8th, 2001 @ 2pm. Feb 13 2008 Crystal and Stephen Landry headed for a divorce due to his abuse and drug abuse. Here their story will end.

Angela Evelyn Noble Feb. 11th, 1973 m. Glen Saunders c. Isabella Faith Saunders January 21st, 2002. 7lbs. 9oz. January 2008, Angela pregnant with "twins"; will be born August 2008, she now lives in Edmonton, alberta. Feb 13th, 2008, angela evelyn noble is expecting twins !

Vicki Leigh Noble Sept. 11th, 1979 m. Graeme Lamont Sweet Aug.18,2001. Feb 13th, 2008 Graeme & Victoria going to Hawaii for vacation.

Andrew David Noble Born October 2nd, 1982 My son will graduate "commercial Airlines" this May 2008, U.S.A. Wanda Leigh Marney m. David Pederson..Cy Pederson married. Eve Pederson, has one son, and Feb 2008, lost an infant at the Moncton Hospital, just 2 weeks before his birth!. Heather Dawn Marney Born Mar. 29th, 1950 m Charles Kennedy Alden Marney Brother of Glenn Royce Marney, son of William Charles Marney. Feb 2008, heather and chuck, very happy.

My Fathers real name is Glenn royce Marney (NOT GLENWOOD AS STATED HERE); son of William Charles Marney & Ethel Violet Marney (nee Mitchell - England) MARRIED MY MOTHER Evelyn Katheline Marney (nee Mooers), daughter of Frederick Mooers & Ada Blanch Mooers (nee MacFarlane)

William Charles Marney Page 2 ~ Temperance Vale, Life & Times of A New Brunswick Settlement

Life & Times of a New Brunswick Settlement: Continued.....Donna Marie Noble (nee Marney)
Temperance Vale United Baptist Cemetery: Temperance Vale, New Brunswick, CANADA
MacFarlane Homestead of : Thomas and Sophia MacFarlane
Otis Cemetery , New Brunswick, Canada: Burial Site of the ancestorys of Gram, Ada B. Mooers..nee MacFarlane

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