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Left ~ the grandma I knew with her brothers and sister. Ada Blanch Mooers (nee MacFarlane) Born Feb 3, 1889 daughter of Thomas H MacFarlane 1844-1919 and Sophia (nee Briggs)MacFarlane 1847-1932 married at age 20 years by Rev. Rutledge Nov. 3, 1909, Frederick Levi Mooers. There were 10 years difference in age of my grandparents. May God keep you forever in his care !

Life Is But Passing ~ It is Where You Spend Eternity That Counts

Your History Grandma~So that those who are Yet To Come, and My Children, Will know of their Heritage: and me, the New Generation's "Precious Memories"
For it is Said of Man, That You Do Not know who you are ~: Until you know from "Whence You Came"
From You Grandmother, You taught Me, That Love extends, distance and time: That All of your offspring, and grandchildren, were truly Loved
For This I thank you, for : There is No Greater Love; it is one that can last Generations
Encompassing "each" new Life: of a very proud Family Tree ~ where no one is afraid
to call you "Family": I remember long lost days with you...your Scottish Heritage
I remember your Piano, and Gosple Songs ~ Your Would Be Proud To Know, love for piano lives on: Light Hearted Dance of Scottish Music, with Bagpipes
Others May remember some sternness...: but I remember a grandma, who knew her Bible
and if necessary; stopped those upon the pathway: of Self destruction. My Mother, Evelyn Katheline Marney
very much the same.: Thanks for the Heritage~ and to you a tribute song ~ "You Came From A Long Line of Love"
Thank You for the time, when I was just 3 and came down to show you , within a bottle, I had caught : All of the"Hypocrites" said, I had Caught Many
But That , You were quite self assured: I had caught All of the Hypocrites :)
Now my Grandma, I know what you meant!: :)
somebody who pretends to have admirable principles, beliefs, or feelings but behaves otherwise: A dry sense of Humour
English Dictionary Site ~ So that others will maintain proper ENGLISH: in a fallen "forced bilinguilism - FRENCH , turned unilinguil ~ Province. You must maintain your own distinct nationality, with kindness and reverence. Without which , man without God, Parishes !
Much to the sad adue, of Hospital Care, with a consuming madness for a language ..: and Loss of our Educated children to Alberta & the southern states
With Footsteps not far Behind: the leaving of our Children.
Alberta, is now one of the Richest Provinces in Canada: Who will very soon, not need Canada! "Go West Young Man"
Evelyn Katheline Mooers , my MOTHER as a child (younger): and sister Hilda Mooers

Herb MacFarlane (brother of Ada B. Mooers ( nee MacFarlane)

Grandma's Brothers

Lee MacFarlane: son of Sophia & Thomas MacFarlane

Lee MacFarlane's Family (grandma's brother) was from Tacoma, Washington, U.S.A.

My Snazzy List of Links

MacFarlane Homestead: of Thomas & Sophia (Briggs) MacFarlane