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Lee MacFarlane (brother of Ada B. Mooers (nee MacFarlane). Lee Mooers was named after Lee MacFarlane, grandma's brother , from Tacoma, Washington, U.S.A.
Maud Corey (nee MacFarlane ) sister of Ada B. Mooers (nee MacFarlane)
Allan MacFarlane Family LEFT TO RIGHT Mae, Earlin, Gordon ,Stanley & HILDA. Aunt Hilda Monteith namesake.

MacFarlane (Thomas & Sophia (briggs) MacFarlane)

MacFarlane Brothers: Gram's Family
INTERNMENT (Nackawic Area): Otis Cemetery, Otis, New Brunswick, CANADA
OLD HOMESTEAD: of Thomas & Sophia MacFarlane~with pics of William MacFarlane Original Homestead when they came here from SCOTLAND
Clan MacFarlane: SCOTLAND
Official Home page of the Clan MacFarlane:

My (Donna Marie Noble (nee Marney) Great Great Grandmother & Great Great Grandfather, on MOTHER's Side. Sophia MacFarlane (nee Briggs) and Thomas Henry MacFarlane. Mother & Father of Ada Blanch Mooers (nee MacFarlane)

Man Makes Plans~God Decides Their Pathway!

Daughter of Thomas & Sophia MacFarlane: Ang~Buried in her Wedding Dress, as she was first engaged to Fred Mooers (my grandpa to be)