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Sophia (1851-1942) MacFarlane (nee Briggs)


James Briggs

James Briggs (1821-1887) was from Wickam, N.B.  He married 
(1) Ann Ackerley (1827-1853) and (2) Susan Ackerley (1835-1927).
The sisters were from Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada.  Their mother was a United Empire Loyalist named Mott.   James is buried in the United Baptist Church cemetery, lot 6.

James Briggs had 13 children:

Emoranda b.1847, married Nathanial Stairs (b 1844)
Levina (Sept. 8, 1847-1930) married Samuel Stairs (1839-1917)
Sophia (1851-1942) * married Thomas H. MacFarlane (1844-1919)
Ruth Ann (b. 1852)
J. William (1853-1927) married Lydia Ann Stairs (1856-1920)
Elizabeth (b. 1857) married William Constantine
Addington Harvey (1858-1931) unmarried
Louantha Susan (1851-1898) married John Corey
George W. (1862-1945)
Ephraim Richard (Dick) married (1) Margaret Henderson and (2) Mabel Hanson
John A. married Hannah Gallagher of Masardis, Maine
Thomas Hanford (1872-1956) married Elizabeth Wiggins (1877-1971)
Mary Jane (1881-1968) , unmarried
George W. worked on the B & A Railroad in Maine with Thomas Hanford.
After James died, Susan took the Children to Houlton, Maine on June 4th, 1889.

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