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Ada Blanch Mooers (nee MacFarlane) Born Feb 3, 1889 ~ GONE HOME ~ May 9th, 1976, MOTHER'S DAY married Fred Levi Mooers , Rev. Rutledge Officiating.
Fred Mooers returns with his bride to his childhood home; to raise his own children. Levi (Fred's father) lived with them until his death.
Maevilla Stairs (nee Rae) Fred Mooers , Ada Mooers. Children on the car: Lee Mooers and Hilda Mooers (married Robert Monteith, when grown). In this picture , Grandma Ada, would have been expecting my mother "Evelyn Katheline Mooers" :)

ENGAGEMENT of Fred Mooers & Ada Blanch MacFarlane my future Grandma and Grandpa !!