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This Song Will Forever Remind Me of Christmas Past With My Family

Everyone Gathered from Near & Far at Christmas Times Past: "I'll Be Home For Christmas......if only in my dreams"
Mother Often Said, it remined her of my "Aunt Isabelle Grant": for Every Christmas, she would come home from the States (pepperell Mass. (from the time I was five, I would spend many a summer with my Aunt Isabelle ...and NH ....all the places she was to live)
If you are here enjoying my page ?: This song add's much to the memories :)
Love In Christ,: Donna Marie Noble (nee Marney)
One of My Favorite Songs As A Child "Silver Bells": This Song Would Become the favorite song, of my First Born, Crystal Lynn Noble, April 6th, 1967
Grandma Mooers would have loved this song...: ...she would have found it funny! :)
Uncle Hazen Mooers: Now Lives at Hantsport, N.S., Canada
Uncle Hazen B ? Mooers : Mother's Favorite Brother (Evelyn Kathleen Marney) nee Mooers
Pictures of me as a Baby & Child: Donna Marie Noble (nee Marney), Daughter of Glenn R. Marney & Evelyn Kathleen Marney(nee Mooers)
To Your Heritage Grandma~ You Sang of a Land I Never Knew~ But I felt the memories of your Heart~: Many Times I Have Heard You Sing This Song
My days with Grandma in Temperance Vale:
Moving to Waasis, New Brunswick, CA: age 5 years old
Beginnings In Waasis:
Waasis, New Brunswick:
Our First Christmas in Waasis: "Santa Comes Here Too"


The Beginning of my Days with Grandmother Ada Blanche Mooers, Temperance Vale, N.B. CANADA ( nee MacFARLANE) at her home. Grandma was the daughter of Sophia (1847 - 1932) & Thomas H. (1844 - 1919) MacFarlane. Rests in MacFarlane Cemetery, Otis, New Brunswick, Canada. I was fortunate to have grandma's home next to mine for the first FIVE years of my life. Before moving from Temperance Vale, N.B. to Waasis, N.B.

Grandmother    Was    The    Key    That    Held    Our    Families    CLOSE    Together

I remember a Grandmother with a soft gentle smile. A rocking chair that was mine to get lost in until about twelve years old when I got so big there was no room to sit! But still there was always the arm rests.

I remember nights of being alone with Grandma as she gently rocked me to sleep and we listened to the Maine, U.S.A. station of Gosple Music. My Grandmother taught me each song as we would often sing together. I grew up with a love for Jesus ~ because of a voice so strong and true. My mother, Evelyn Katheline Marney (nee Mooers) taught Sunday School at the Temperance Vale United Baptist Church ! My mother now rests in Peace there on a quiet country hillside; awaiting resurection day. (my brother Roy Carl Marney, now rests at her feet Sept, 2, 2002). Grandmother has passed on. Aunt Hilda is in Heaven too ~ with her daughter Marie Jones. This is the resting place of generations of our family; one day to be reunited in Heaven. When the circle is no longer broken ! Before this generation that I knew well, lies another generation, at the Otis Cemetery, Otis, New Brunswick, Canada. Visited there just yesterday, October 20th, 2002, to see. These are the names I found:

MacFarlane & Sophia Thomas H 1847 - 1932 1844 - 1919

FARWELL, white toombstone and a handshake!

daughter of Sophia & Thomas MacFarlane: married in her wedding dress. (so I am told).... was engaged to my grandfather, Fred Mooers. Fred Mooers eventually married my grandmother,

Ada Blanch Mooers.... Aunt Isabelle Grant tells me that grandma, would become sad every spring as the water rushed quickly in spring each year, as she missed her sister Angeline. There family home was up Pike hill, down a roadway to the left, past the Mac road, to the right, at the crest of the hill, on the right. I have been there many, many, times, during my lifetime. It is a beautiful spot. Mother, Evelyn Marney always told me of how she loved the book Heidi, as it reminded her of her grandfather (MacFarlane) , living on the opposite hillside. Now ablaze in the colours of fall. Evidentally grandpa MacFarlane, lived on that hill, opposite grandma's childhood home!

Oct 21st, 2002, first time I had seen this toombstone....may have seen it in childhood. Prayed for her.

Angeline daughter of Thomas & Sophia Mc, Farlane Died Apl. 28, 1907

Age 23 yrs and 11 mos.

Asleep in Jesus! blessed sleep, From which none ever wake to weep.

Would suggest much sorry at her passing.

left Mother (Evelyn Kathleen Marney (Mooers) Grandmother: Ada Blanche Mooers (MacFarlane) Uncle Hazen Mooers (Now lives in Nova Scotia) married late in life to a lady with two children ~ raised them as his own. I remember him as kindhearted, quiet, with gentle ways. My mothers brother. Aunt Hilda Monteith (Mooers) ~ Mom's sister. Light hearted full of fun. Bubbling lights on her tree. Married a war veteran (Robert Monteith). Aunt Isabel ~ married ~ Uncle Scovil ALLAN Grant ~ U.S. Marine Core !

To You My Family

Precious Memories ~ Feb 4th, 2008: from Donna Marie Noble (nee) Marney