David Stanley Noble & Donna Marie Noble 1966
In The Shadow of the Pine ~ Our Years Together!

I am a former Librarian, private secretary, and Legal Secretary of fourteen years. I presently help my husband in his business. Kitchen Cabinets Residential and Commercial. Stereo Wall Units, Computer Desks and general built in cabinetry. In our retirement years we plan to develop land. I have been semi-retired for the last few years. I am the mother of four beautiful children, 3 girls and one boy! :) And four beautiful grandchildren. Angela April 21 now expecting twins ! 2 more grandchildren yet to be born. I was born in Temperance Vale, New Brunswick , Canada, January 4th, 1948. Moved to my present address when I was five year old. I went to Waasis Grade school from Grade 1 to 8. Wrote my entrance exams to go to Oromocto Junior High School and Graduated from O.H.S. in 1966. I was married at the age of 18. I have been married now for over Forty One ...41..... years............... ~same man~ :) The first year of our marriage I worked for the York Regional Library, in Oromocto, New Brunswick. We lived in an apartment. After the birth of our first child Crystal Lynn Noble we moved to our present address in an old farm home next to my parents Glenn Royce Marney and Evelyn Katheline Marney(nee Mooers, daughter of Fred and Ada B. Mooers..MacFarlane). We have lived here ever since. We rented this 100 year old home for a time until it came up for sale. It was of humble beginnings, but through the eyes of all young lovers "we seen its potential"; a place of our own. Perhaps, we seen it as God sees us; not what your are today but what you WILL BE . We have 560 Acres of land to roam on and have found it especially rewarding to have brought up four beautiful children here. Crystal Lynn (our first born); Angela Evelyn (Second); Vicki Leigh Noble (Victoria) third; and our only Son , Andrew David Noble! The lazy days of summer the warmth of the sun beaming down on us. I remember endless days of working together to clear fields, back yards, and the creation of a garden! I fondly remember, the gentle hand of a child as they walk so closely by your side. A quite walk through a summer's field , as the daisies tosses their head, bumping ever so gently against a laughing child. These days I will remember, above all. Hands so tiny and so trusting. Red hands from field strawberries. The crispness of autumns bright Scarlett,orange, yellow... colors dot the landscape, all around. The harvest from a garden. Tall sunflowers bow their heads gracefully! The excitement of watching that special pumpkin grow and seeing its fulfillment of a bright orange. The woodland trails offering a cool breeze in summer; blocking the winds of fall. The gathering at the "fish pond"; hotdogs and marshmallows to roast. Quiet times, when only the sounds of frogs serenade the night. Little eyes, one blue, one brown, that shone brightly, talking about plans to have a log cabin, someday! Ducks that paddled the pond; some wild, some tame. Beaver houses. Otters, that turned on their back to swim, seemingly laughing! Dragon Files, skimming the water. A Moose would come at evening's glow, for a drink. Deer passed quietly by. The woodland creatures as they pass. The black bear as it lumbers quietly; wishing not to be seen. The deer as they come ever so close to the bedroom window. Giving out a snort and off they go. To the nearest apple tree or quietly receding to our fields. I have even seen a tawny cougar; but that is a different story. For this I was on National TV. The rabbits both grey and black (possibly one of our own)~ the white of the winter coat ~ who escaped into the freedom of the woods. Accented only by the splashing of the children at play. The sharp cry of a blue jay. The watchfulness of the gorby. The many,many, birds as they sing so sweetly in the garden or hide in the large oak tree. Their song flowing down as though sent from God. The twin fawns with their mother as she hides them in the field. There they are once again; so tiny with spots. So beautiful a creature. I will never forget the time our son, Andrew, at the age of three, with his bow and arrow thought sure he could catch a deer :) The bow and arrow for protection. The hush of a moonlight swim on a hot summer's night. Cooling the body for a peaceful rest! Flower's beside the pool. The time our daughter Vicki climbed on the stock of the giant sunflowers, grown that year. Don't laugh, just look at the Picture Below...they were giants. Towering well over ten feet.

The Way We Were

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