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Ancestory United Empire Loyalsist Loyalist research Site. Frederick Levi Mooers (1851-1912) born Queensbury, N.B. married Henrietta (nee Thornton) and widow of Rubin stairs. 1849-1891. cheilren of Henrietta and rubin stairs: 1. Wint who married Mayville Rae of dumfries, N.B. 2. Lowel ?, of Oldtown, Maine. Chrildren of Levi & Henrietta - 5 children: 1. Oscar (1876 -1931) 2. Mary married Benjamin Stairs...c: Temple, Celia , Albert B. 3. Frederick Levi Mooers MY GRANDPA (1879-1947) married Ada Blanch MacFarlane (1889-1976. 4. Celia Married Berlin (berley) MacDonald, ran store at Otis, N.B. Canada. Children : evelyn married Clifford Corey, Marion (b 1923) died infant. 5. Maud Mooers 1884-1952 (fred mooers sister) married Nathan Feero (1870-1958)

Grandmother's, MacFarlane Family

The MacFarlane Family ~ Brother's & Sister's of Ada Blanch Mooers (nee MacFarlane), Temperance Vale: Later in Life at the home next door
At the age of 8 or 9 years Fred Mooers Mother Died: His father Levi Mooers has to work away, and so, Fred Mooers was to live with a Charlie Woodman. Thank you God for looking after him.
Grandpa (Tell Me 'Bout The Good Old Days) : As I searched for Evidence of Your Life (as I had not known you). I learned, who your were! I only wish I had asked Grandma more; maybe she would have been able to tell me. I inquired early :)
Fred Mooers had one Brother "Oscar Mooers" : Never Married
Fred Mooers had 2 sisters: 1. Celia Mooers married Burley MacDonald (the person my mother used to go to visit in the summers)
2. Fred Mooers sister # 2 Maud Feero married Nathan Feero:
Henrietta feero - my father glen marney's: grandma, who married William Henry Marney (father of William Charles Marney)

Frederick Levi Mooers holding his son Lee H. Mooers. United Empire Loyalist. I am told of Dutch Descent by Aunt Isabelle Grant, but have seen no documentation. When I searched for this name in the United States, most names appearing in his timeframe were on: Palmer Center Cemetery Palmer, Hampden County, Massachusetts MOOERS, Capt. Jonathan, Sep 26, 1852, 63yrs MOOERS, Jona, Feb 13, 1834, 85yrs MOOERS, Mary, d/o Capt Jona & Sally, Dec 10, 1817, 10yrs MOOERS, Mary, w/o Jona, Oct 23, 1834, 91yrs MOOERS, Sally, w/o Capt. Jona, Oct 24, 1847, 60yrs, would any of these be his people?...i wonder? Other names for Mooers is Nantucket and Martha's Vinyard. Possibly from there originally. There are marney's located there too. I never knew my grandfather, as he was deceased by the time I was born, by one year. I have been told by many, that he was as strong Christian and read his Bible a lot. May God grant, "blessed to the 7th generation". And the circle starts again.
Ada MacFarlane Born Feb 3rd, 1889. married Frederick Levi Mooers. Picture taken age 16 years. SCOTTISH DESCENT. Ada Blanch (e) Mooers, is the daughter of Thomas Henry MacFarlane (1884-1919) ae 75 and Sophia (nee Briggs) 1851-1932 Ae 81.
Children of Frederick Levi Mooers (born August 25th, 1879, Deceased Jan 13, 1947. married Ada Blanch Mooers (nee MacFarlane). LEFT to RIGHT: Hilda Mooers,..(married Robert Montheith aka Buster). Evelyn Katheline Mooers,....MOTHER.(married Glenn Royce Marney my father Born Feb. 18, 1922) ...(dec Saturday 1972) old victoria hospital downtown Fredericton, N.B. Canada .. Edison Mooers, Isabel Mooers born May 17, 1926..(married Scovil Allen Grant 1922) dual citizenship U.S./CANADA and Lee Mooers,January 18, 1913 died 78 years of age , remained a bachelor, no known children. Hazen Mooers (born March 24th 1932) not in the picture. Luella Mooers born 1930 not in picture married James Moorcroft
Marriage Certificate No. 41654, Woodstock, N.B. dated 2nd September 1942

Reverend F. A. Anderson officiating: Glenn Royce Marney married Evelyn Katheline Marney (nee mooers) Witnesses: 'L.H. Mooers, Temperance Vale, N.B. (brother) and Norman MacFarlane , Temperance Vale, N.B. (cousin to evelyn) Children: Roy Carl Marney born Feb 24th, 1945 @ 1:45 am Joan Marie (2 days - spinabifita) Born Feb 19 - 21, 1946. Donna Marie Marney Born January 4th, 1948 @ 5 to 12 noon. Wanda Leigh Marney Born November 27th, 1957. Heather Dawn Marney Born March 29th, 1960