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New Brunswick MARNEY

My Geneology, by Donna Marie Noble (nee Marney). There is also connecting information to Mooers, MacFarlane, Briggs, Feero where known. My father Glenn Royce Marney.

My Home Page & connections to Home Pages of My Children

Donna Marie Noble (nee Marney): Daughter of Glenn Royce Marney
Grandpa: found this while looking for "Your Came From A Long Line of Love"
Reserved for: You Came From A Long Line of Love
Made Me Think , That I Am "Blessed" to the 7th Generation: And to Know Who My Ancestory Were. How In This Topsy Turby World, How Many Go Down The Wrong Road. Just Looking.

William Henry Marney married Henriette (Feero) Marney daughter of Oren Feero, Peter Feero, Christian Feero.

My Snazzy List of Links

William Henry Marney: My Great Grandfather
William Charles Marney: My Grandfather
Glenn Royce Marney: My Father
CORRECTION ON FEERO BOOK : FEERO publication, Chapter 24, Page 240.
MOTHER'S , MacFarlane Side of the Family: Evelyn Katheline Marney (nee Mooers)/Ada B. Mooers (nee MacFarlane).
Children of William Henry Marney & Henrietta Marney (nee Feero): William Charles Marney (my granda) and his brother Fraser Marney, of Cape Cod

William Charles Marney (Grandpa)

William Charles Marney (1887-1968)

WILLIAM CHARLES MARNEY (son of Henriette (Feero) Marney, daugther of Oren Feero, Peter Feero, Christian Feero) 

William Charles Marney was born August 23, 1887 in Temperance Vale, New Brunswick, the 23rd day of
August , 1887.    The son of Henriette (Feero) and William Henry Marney.  He married ethel Violet Mitchell
(1893-1962) in August 1916.

Children and grandchildren:

Aulden Charles Marney......Otis, New Brunswick
                                                 born October 18, 1920
                                                  married Geraldine Stairs.
                                                  4 ch. Jean, Linda, 
                                                  Rowena married Robert Simpson. 
                                                  & Barbara m. Aunden Rae.

Glenn Royce Marney ............Waasis, New Brunswick
                                                   b. February 18, 1922 - living Jan 14th, 2003.
                                                   married : 1.  Evelyn Katheline Mooers, born Oct 20, 1923 (dec)
                                                                       - January 15th, 1972. AE 48. 
                                                   Children:   Roy Carl, born Feb. 24, 1945 at pinde, N.B.
                                                                       Deceased:  September 2nd, 2002, at St. John Regional.

                                                                      Joan Marie (dec 3 days), Temperance Vale Cemetery next to
                                                                                                       Grandpa Mooers feet.  Budded on earth
                                                                                                       to bloom in Heaven.
                                                                      Donna Marie born January 4th, 1948.
                                                                    (Waasis)  married David Stanley Noble born April 2nd, 1947
                                                                      4 Children:  
                                                                     Crystal Lynn born April 6th, 1967
                                                                      married Stephen Todd Landry c. Larissa, Haley, Sophia.
                                                                     Angela Evelyn born February 11th, 1972
                                                                     married Glen Baydon Saunders  c. Isabella Faith.
                                                                      Vicki Leigh  born September 11th, 1979
                                                                     (Waasis)  married Graeme Lamont Sweet (PEI).
                                                                      Andrew David Noble (Waasis) born October 2nd, 1982.

                                                                      Wanda Leigh,m. David Pedersen (Nova Scotia) c. Cy, Eve
                                                                      Heather Dawn married Charles Kennedy ; no children.

                                                                   2nd Wife of Glenn Marney
                                                                   Evelyn (Amirault) Dougherty  of Nova Scotia 
                                                                   born Nov. 9th.......NO CHILDREN.

     William Charles Marney was serving with the 55th  Batalion of the Canadian Expeditionary Forces during World War I when he met Ethel Mitchel in England.  They were married there August 1916.   In December of the same year William returned to Canada with his bride.

     They made their home in Temperance Vale where  William worked as a woodsman.  Their sons, Aulden and Glenn, were born there.  Ethel Violet Marney (nee Mitchell) returned to England to see her parents when the boys were young.

     William was an avid hunter and fisherman and a genial storyteller.

     Ethel died in 1952, and William died six years later on August 29, 1968.  Both are burried in the Baptist
Cemetery at Temperance Vale.